Airport Shutdown As Aviation Workers Join Strike


A potential airport closure is on the horizon as aviation employees in Nigeria, such as pilots and engineers, have served notice of an indefinite nationwide strike set to commence on Tuesday, October 3, 2023. This strike aligns with the ongoing protests led by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), opposing fuel price increases and other economic challenges.

The aviation workers' unions, which jointly announced the strike, have emphasized their commitment to rallying effectively behind these labor movements. They have instructed all branches across the country to unite within the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of their respective organizations and the State Councils of NLC and TUC in each state, all in preparation for this nationwide strike.

These unions have issued a stern warning, demanding full compliance from all aviation employees to ensure the strike's success. Furthermore, they have formally informed employers within the aviation sector and security agencies about the impending strike.

This strike is poised to have a substantial impact on air travel across all Nigerian airports. If it proceeds, flight cancellations and disruptions to travel schedules could occur.

The Nigerian government faces mounting pressure to resolve the dispute with these unions and prevent the strike. While the government expresses a commitment to dialogue, the unions remain skeptical about its willingness to make meaningful concessions.

This strike serves as a stark reflection of the growing discontent among Nigerian workers regarding the government's economic policies. The fuel price hikes have triggered widespread hardship, leaving many workers struggling to make ends meet. It serves as a warning to the government that addressing workers' concerns is imperative to prevent further unrest.

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