Artificial Intelligence Is Causing Significant Changes In The Nigerian Comic And Animation Sector


The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria's Comic and animation industry has jeopardized numerous job opportunities, as highlighted by industry experts during the 11th edition of the Comic Convention (ComicCon) in Lagos on September 11, 2023. 

Richard Oboh, the creative director and CEO of Orange VFX studios, emphasized that AI, while offering efficiency, poses a dual threat of both job displacement and controversy. Traditionally, human creators handled tasks such as writing scripts, crafting stories, designing characters, and modeling. 

However, AI can now perform these tasks, leading to increased competition and job losses within the industry. This disruption necessitates measures to safeguard livelihoods while still emphasizing the importance of the human touch in the creative process. 

Additionally, Comic concept artist Ebuka Martin expressed concerns that the introduction of AI has hindered the Nigerian comic industry's growth, although there are opportunities for brands to thrive and make a positive impact. 

Despite these challenges, the Lagos Comic Convention remains a significant annual event for industry creatives and fans to connect, network, learn, and showcase their work.

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