Controversy As Blessing Ceo Bashes Hilda Bacci

 Popular Nigerian Self-acclaimed Controversial has asserted that Nigerians primarily admire chef Hilda Baci for her relationship expert/ advisor, Blessing Okoro also known as Blessing CEO, has said that Guinness World Record holder, Chef Hilda Baci is loved by people because of her curvaceous body(physical attributes) and not her cooking.

    She made this statement during her appearance on the recent podcast, Terms & Conditions podcast, where she discussed the prevalence of Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) and their influence on attractiveness perceptions.

     Blessing also argued that men generally are initially drawn to a woman's physical appearance over her intelligence or skills, using Hilda Baci as an example of someone who defied the stereotype that attractive women avoid hard work.


She further stated that the chef defies the cliché that “attractive women don’t like to work,” adding that she is a stunning woman with lofty aims and ambitions. 

She claimed that Nigerians began to appreciate Hilda more once they recognized her physical beauty and dedication to her work.

      In her words she said"I’m going to use the lady who trended for cooking Hilda Baci. What made us even love her is her body, not the food per say."


  She stated from experience that fans engaged with her more after her BBL procedure. She advised women to focus on both physical fitness and intelligence to maintain people's interest, emphasizing that a curvier body might attract attention initially, but having more to offer, including intelligence, is crucial for lasting appeal.

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