Kebbi Has Prohibited All Mining Operations In Order To Tackle Security Worries

 In a significant move aimed at addressing growing security concerns and safeguarding the welfare of mining workers and local communities, the State Government of Kebbi has officially prohibited all mining activities. The announcement came from Yakubu Tafida, the Secretary to the state government, during a press conference in Birnin Kebbi on a Friday.

Tafida stressed that the primary goal of this ban is to ensure the safety of the state's residents and prevent unauthorized foreign entities from exploiting mining sites, which has posed security risks in neighboring states. While acknowledging that mining is a matter on the Exclusive Legislative List, Tafida defended the state's action by highlighting the paramount importance of protecting lives and property within its borders. He explained that the ban is a precautionary measure following a thorough assessment of the current security situation in the state.

Tafida further elaborated on the decision's rationale, citing the goal of preventing mining areas from becoming hubs for criminal activities, as observed in neighboring regions. To address concerns related to the mining ban, the government plans to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and enforce strict regulations that promote responsible mining practices, protect the environment, increase revenue, and, most importantly, ensure the security and well-being of its citizens.

According to Tafida, this ban on mining activities in Kebbi reflects the government's unwavering commitment to prioritize the safety and security of its residents while taking steps to mitigate potential security threats associated with mining operations. The government aims to create a conducive environment for responsible and secure mining practices that will benefit both the state and its citizens.

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