Shocking First Aid FACTS


  1. Give attention to the most urgent condition first, example remove the person from danger such as the centre of the road a burning house and water 
  2.  How to quickly and quietly 
  3.  Apply artificial respiration if bleeding has stopped or is faint and make sure air passage is clear 
  4.  Arrest bleeding 
  5.  Determine the level of consciousness 
  6.  If poisoning is involved induce vomit 
  7. reassure the patient 
  8.  Guard against shock and keep the victim warm 
  9.  Place the victim in a comfortable position 
  10.  Do not give any type of fluid to the victim who is unconscious and may shortly need Anesthesia 
  11.  Arrange for immediate movement of the casualty to the hospital 
  12. make sure any material used to cover the room is clean 
  13.  The victim should not be allowed to see his own blood 
  14.  Avoid overcrowding around a casualty 
  15. do not attempt to do much

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