Why South Americans Hold a Greater Affection For The Movie Than Africans: The Black Book


Nollywood's "The Black Book" has made a huge impact in the streaming world, solidifying its status as a worldwide sensation. While it's common for films to gain popularity in their home countries, this movie stands out due to its exceptional international success.

It has struck a chord with audiences across various regions, including South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia, showcasing the universal appeal of its storytelling.

During its debut week, "The Black Book" claimed the top spot in Nigeria, ranked fourth globally, and found a place in the top ten in 38 countries, with significant viewership in South America and the Caribbean.

Among these 38 countries, sixteen are in South America, while the United States represented the majority, comprising 55% of this total.

Nigerian cinema has captivated South American audiences with its universal themes and unique perspectives, fostering connections among viewers from diverse cultures. The availability of subtitles on streaming platforms like Netflix further enhances their accessibility and appeal in South America.

"The Black Book" has soared to the pinnacle of Netflix charts worldwide, marking a historic moment for the Nigerian film industry. This achievement underscores the immense potential of Nigerian cinema and opens new opportunities for ambitious directors.

Editi Effiong, in response to this significant triumph, shared his thoughts on the platform, saying, "Thank you, Nigeria. Thank you, Nollywood. Thank you, World! 'The Black Book' is the #1 film in the world on Netflix." He highlighted the film's remarkable rise to #4 globally just two days after its release.

The success of "The Black Book" illustrates the expanding global allure of Nigerian films and serves as a reminder that filmmakers can attain great success by choosing streaming platforms over traditional theatrical distribution. Other movies that have topped Netflix charts include "Omo Ghetto: The Saga," "King of Boy: Return of the King," "Lionheart," and the most recent addition, "Jagun Jagun."

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