After 63 Years of Independence, Hope Lingers Unfulfilled


Nigeria celebrates its 63rd anniversary today, but for many citizens, it's been a continual disappointment, with hopes for a better future repeatedly deferred. Some even view it as a lost cause. Even those who witnessed independence in the early days had optimistic dreams of a prosperous nation emerging from colonialism, but these hopes have been shattered. 

Transparency International ranks Nigeria as highly corrupt, and the country's governance and security have deteriorated, making it an epicenter of terrorism and a failed state. Corruption and tribalism have plagued Nigeria's post-independence history, hindering its development. 

Trust in institutions is dwindling, and many believe Nigeria has few achievements to show for its 63 years of independence. Despite these challenges, Nigerians exhibit remarkable resilience and self-organization, but the core issue remains a crisis of governance marked by incompetent leadership, leaving the nation yearning for the true benefits of its independence.

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