Nigeria @63: Full Speech of President Bola Tinubu on October 1


I am honored to speak to you today, marking the 63rd anniversary of our nation's independence. I address you not only as the President of our beloved country but also as a fellow Nigerian.

On this significant day, let us pay tribute to our founding fathers and mothers, whose unwavering dedication and leadership brought forth the sovereign and independent Nigeria we know today, rising from the ashes of colonialism.

We are committed to ensuring that the benefits of our nation are accessible to all, not just the powerful and wealthy. To promote economic fairness and development, we have initiated a Tax Reforms Committee to enhance tax administration efficiency and address unfair fiscal policies that hinder business growth.

In our efforts to boost employment and urban incomes, we are investing in enterprises with great potential, especially in micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. Starting this month, we are expanding cash transfer programs to an additional 15 million vulnerable households to strengthen our social safety net.

The safety of our people remains our top priority. We have improved inter-service collaboration and intelligence sharing and entrusted our Service Chiefs with rebuilding our security services' capabilities.

I salute our brave security forces for their sacrifices in safeguarding our nation and territorial integrity. We honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and pledge to equip our forces adequately.

Our key appointments will adhere to constitutional provisions and uphold fairness, with special consideration for women, youth, and the physically challenged. I commend the National Assembly and the judiciary for their roles in our democracy.

I appreciate our civil society organizations and labor unions for their dedication to Nigerian democracy. Though we may not always agree, your advice is valued.

We must face the future with courage, compassion, and commitment as one united nation. I promise to remain faithful in serving you and invite all Nigerians to join us in the journey to make our nation even better. Together, we can, we must, and we will!

Happy 63rd Independence Anniversary to you all, and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Thank you for your attention.

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