Midnight Love As Boyfriend Cooks For Girlfriend At Night

 The video of a woman pleading with her boyfriend to prepare her supper at midnight after informing him that she was on her period received a lot of attention from internet users.

She can be heard telling her companion in the video that she is needing fried rice, to which the young man responds, "It's only pregnant women who have cravings." She nevertheless told him that it was actually "period cravings" and not her.After some shouting, the partner eventually made her what she had asked for. He then asked her what she would crave if she were pregnant if she had a yearning for this throughout her period. She however responded, "It's not much," to his comment.After her boyfriend's death, the woman was startled

What would she crave if she were pregnant throughout her periods? She responded, 

The lady was shocked after her boyfriend went to take some portion of the food he had prepared, adding extra proteins. When she queried him, he said “who cooked it?, I cooked so let me eat”.

Netizens however reacted differently to the video, while some wished they were in a relationship, some couldn’t help but notice how in love they are.

Here are some reactions;

不不不不不he only agreed to cook cuz he is hungry . Fear men

Period cravings ehn my gender since when

I know cramps but which one is cramps craving 旦Innocent Man

Lol see love

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