Nigerian Comedian Basket Mouth Apologies To His Fellow Comedian


Bright Okpocha, best known by his stage name Basketmouth, has publicly apologized to his coworker AY Makun for their long-running feud.

Basketmouth has expressed his regret to AY and other entertainment industry personalities whom he may have insulted in the past.

In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo in March, AY had admitted that N30,000 was the root of his ongoing conflict with Basket Mouth.

The famous people also got into other fights, with Basketmouth accusing AY of tampering with allegiance.

His words,

“Now, something funny happened, one of the gigs per se, I got his endorsement to go stand in for him. Usually, what we get that time is N30,000, and that amount of money was everything to me. It would buy me my pack of noodles, recharge card, fuel for my car and generator. I would also avail myself of the opportunity to pay one or two people to do one or two skits that I can quickly put out. So, I got this job but the people were not too happy to see me at the venue because they were expecting Basketmouth.

Long story short, the guy was later happy with my performance and there was an exchange of numbers and I left. This gig came through one of Basketmouth’s guys. Two weeks running, I had not seen N30,000 and I was starving, as a bachelor, I had nothing. So, I decided to ask for N30,000 and he said the person had not paid.

Basketmouth apologizes

“And then me l was like, ahahn… but this person na, shebi you tell me say you were impressed and happy? Give my oga hin money na, make my oga take settle me and all of that. Me,I dont care if you give Basket 100k for the job but my 30k is my 30k.

“It was very funny to now hear from them knowing that this full payment has been made long before the event.

“I said ‘O-kay, is that the situation?’. So I forwarded this one’s message to this one and vice versa. So they now started fighting each other and all of that. I didn’t do that because I wanted to get at Basketmouth per say. I did that because I was hungry, I was hustling and needed food on the table at the time.”

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