Osimhen Ignores Fellow Players Following a TikTok Jest At Napoli


Napoli forward Victor Osimhen was captured on video arriving at the team's hotel and appearing to avoid some teammates while warmly greeting team manager Santoro. This incident came after the club shared a video on their TikTok account, where Osimhen was teased for his missed penalty.

Osimhen's agent, Roberto Calendar, has threatened legal action against the club, citing the video's harmful impact on the player. Additionally, Osimhen has removed all Napoli-related images from his Instagram, seemingly in response to the video.

This situation has strained the relationship between Osimhen and the club, and its repercussions on his future with Napoli remain uncertain. Osimhen is a highly valuable player within the club's roster and a key figure for the Nigerian national team.

The reason for Osimhen's apparent disregard for his teammates in the video remains unclear, but it's likely tied to his displeasure with the club's mockery following his missed penalty. While professional athletes are expected to perform under pressure, it's essential to remember that mistakes happen, and ridiculing a player for such errors is unfair.

Napoli has since issued an apology to Osimhen regarding the video, but the damage may already have been done. Osimhen's value to the club is significant, and maintaining his satisfaction should be a top priority.

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